Last Updated: May 24, 2018, 4:41 am

Learning the History of Gambling

Gambling has a colorful and rich history, as it dates back to the time of old civilization, even when man has not documented history. It is being said that gambling appears in all of man's civilization, as long as people discovered the medium of writing. One may predict the old history of gambling by studying the history of the deck of cards.

Actually, the Kings in the deck of playing cards are taken from real people in our history. They are not just placed in the deck of cards without any purpose. The standard deck of cards was originated from France during the 15th century, and its designer derived the figures of prominent French kings to represent the kings in their design of the card. Charlemaigne was depicted as the King of Hearts. In the King of Diamonds they represent Julius Caezar. Alexander the Great likewise represented the King of Clubs, while King David of the bible was represented by the king of Spades.

The first deck of playing cards also represents the different cultures of our history. The different suites of the cards represent the various cultures that had influenced the world before and during the 15th century. The suit of spades represents the Middle East, the suit of the club represents Greece, the suit of the diamond represents the Roman Empire while the suit of the hearts represents the Holy Roman Empire. From these facts alone we can see how interesting the history of gambling is.

Studying the history of gambling, it is a fact that the heritage of gambling is in one way or another related to the Chinese culture. This is due to the fact that the Chinese culture serves as the home of many gambling games. Keno for example, one of the original forms of lottery is a popular game in China. Over thousands of years this game has evolved in the history of gambling and is at present being player all over the world in different variations.

Another kind of Chinese gambling game that has gained popularity worldwide is the Pai Gow . The Americans made a variation from this game which they called the Pai Gow Poker. It is the hybrid version of the original Pai Gow and is now being enjoyed in various casinos world wide.

Europe had also contributed a lot in the history of gambling, as a number of European games has also made it to the famous casino gambling games worldwide, such as Baccarat, the craps, Roulette, and the blackjack

The latest addition to the rich history of gambling is the internet form of gambling. This is the product of man's growth and it only proves that gambling is here to stay.