Last Updated: May 24, 2018, 4:41 am

Popular Casino Games Defined

You have probably read articles about the different games played at the casino separately. But here, we give you the lowdown in one neat package!

* Poker - This is the most popular and most well-loved game worldwide in both online and land- based casinos. It is a card game where specific set of five cards complete rewarding hands. The payout that you get for yours depends on the Poker variety you are playing and the casino site you are playing with!

* Blackjack - This is the next best card game. Blackjack is played mostly against the Dealer, unless you are in a tournament play. The player's goal in this game is to achieve a hand that is closest but not over 21 and better than that of the Dealer's. Cards are valued differently in Blackjack. An Ace, for example, can be valued at 1 or 11 depending on your need. Getting a Blackjack or an Ace and a Jack (face cards are at 10) is the most rewarding hand in this game.

* Slots - This is the first and the finest game of chance you could ever get yourself into. Slots is all about spinning reels, random results, and winning combination. The excitement of what you can get as the reels of attractive symbols stop spinning could keep the adrenaline rushing!

* Roulette - This is another game of chance where a wheel, a ball, and a table layout are involved. Players place wagers on a Roulette table layout. The outcome of their wagers depends on where the ball released simultaneously with the spinning of the wheel stops. Roulette bets are complicated. You need to learn them through first before playing. It is easier to study Roulette bets once you see a layout complete with the payout structure.

* Video Poker - This game is a cross between Poker and Slots. Video Poker works like Slots but the concept of the game is completely taken off the very principle of Poker. With the goodness of the two games combined, you will surely find no shortage of fun in spinning the reels of a Video Poker machine while hoping against hope that you hot a winning hand!

* Baccarat - This is a card game. Like Poker and Blackjack, each and every card off the deck is assigned a value, which is useful in recognizing a winning hand. In this sense, a player's goal is to stay away from 0 or Baccarat. Surprisingly, the worst hand zero is equated to the term Baccarat.

* Craps - This is an exciting dice game with many complicated wagering types. The outcome of the throw of dice defines the fate of the player's wager.